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Rainbear's Journal

Scotch, Smoke, Fire and Chocolate



I'm a third-degree Gardnerian Elder, as well as a second-degree Minoan Brotherhood initiate, living out in the wilds of NW'ern NJ. Bit of a workaholic, love cappuccinos, late night walks, computers, and hot mugs of Earl Grey. I also love to bake, and experiment with making things sugar-free and diabetic-friendly.

I'm beginning a new journey this year, going to college, and starting a new career and life. Yeah, I'm scared spitless, but I'm still doing it. :)

Please note that I don't automatically add everyone who adds me here. If you add me, at least do the courtesy of leaving a comment saying "Hi" or something. Otherwise, I may think you're one of the lovely spam-harvesters on LJ.

Please note that this is a journal of an adult gay man. I don't always edit what I say. If you don't care to read it? Then just don't.

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